SEDiAr gathers, every two years, researchers devoted to studies of discourse and argumentation in order to reflect on the interrelation between these two objects of study in different theoretical and methodological perspectives.

After hosting SEDiAr in UESC / 2012, UFMG / 2014, and UFS /2016 the fourth SEDiAr will be ion Buenos Aires, Argentina, an it is conceived as an international event by strengthening partnerships with professors and graduate students from other countries.


Proceedings II SEDiAr – UFMG/Belo Horizonte/2014

Proceedings SEDiAr – UFS/São Cristóvão/2016
Proceedings IV SEDiAr – UBA/Buenos Aires/2018


Discurso e Argumentação em múltiplos enfoques

Eduardo Lopes Piris e Moisés OlÍmpio-Ferreira (Org.)

Discurso e Argumentação: fotografias interdisciplinares – vol.1

Eduardo Lopes Piris e Isabel Cristina Michelan de Azevedo (Org.)

Discurso e Argumentação: fotografias interdisciplinares – vol.2

 Isabel Cristina Michelan de Azevedo e Eduardo Lopes Piris   (Org.)

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